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Wicked is a Ford 8100 under 401cui prostock tractor. It is based on a Ford 5000 backend and gearbox, with a Holstet 4LGK turbo, Bosch P Seried fuel pump, and profiled camshaft.

Built originally by Gordon Sangster (Herbie) as a superfarm tractor, it competed under the name Up 'N' Running for the 2003 and 2004 seasons with Phillip McHattie as the driver. Owned and driven by Iain Hawkins since 2005, it made its first appearance under the name Wicked at Keith Show in August 2005.

Wicked at New Deer Show


Wicked at New Deer Show in 2006 driven by Iain Hawkins, but still in the livery of Up 'N' Running.






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The video shows Wicked getting a full pull at Kirkbride, near Carlisle on Sunday 28th June 2009.