Latest News: New Scottish Club STTPA are holding the first Grand Truck & Tractor Pull at Keith Country Show Park - 18th/19th June! Click this panel to visit their website.

Vital Spark

Vital Spark is a superfarm tractor. It was originally built as an under 401cui prostock by Harold Stuart, then disappeared from the tractor pulling scene for several years before being bought by Phillip McHattie. It is now owned and driven by Elaine Wood who is the only female tractor pulling driver in Scotland.

The Superfarm class is the entry level of tractor pulling in Scotland, similar to prostocks. Superfarm tractors are limited to 2800 revs, so they don't produce nearly so much black smoke!

Vital Spark

Elaine driving Vital Spark up the track at New Deer Show.

Fuelling Up



Two of Elaine's friends helping to fuel up Vital Spark before competing at Kirkbride Airfield near Carlisle.