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Donny Smith is the main transporter of the Deskford Tractor Pullers, but he has also been known to compete in pulling with the Scania lorry in the picture at the bottom of the page. Nothing phases him, and he has been known to transport 4 tractors at one time - even although they had to be stacked up to fit on the lorry!

Four Tractors on the lorry

As well as hauling tractors and competing in truck pulling with his Scania, Donny has a passion for American Kenworth Lorries. He owns two of these American Trucks which he exhibits in the truck show section of Keith Country Show.

Donny and his Kenworth


Here we see Donny posing beside the first of his Kenworths. This is a 1980 Kenworth W9, 400hp model. It had one owner from new until it was brought into the UK by Donny in August 2007. It has a large sleeping compartment fitted out with buttoned leather and is a left hand drive long nose model with a double drive rear axle.


White Kenworth

Donny's second Kenworth to come from America arrived in this country in the summer of 2009. It is a 1986 Kenworth T800, drop snout, 444hp double drive model. It is also fitted out with a large sleeper area, complete with a buttoned leather interior.It was previously owned by a film company in the US where it starred in a film!

Truck Pulling


This photo shows Donny competing at New Deer Show in September 2005. The lorry is a 1987 Scania 142, v8 with a 4 x 2 rear lift back axle. The engine was opened up to 500hp to give it more pulling power.