Latest News: New Scottish Club STTPA are holding the first Grand Truck & Tractor Pull at Keith Country Show Park - 18th/19th June! Click this panel to visit their website.


Aftershock is an under 401cui prostock tractor, owned and driven by Phillip Mchattie from Deskford in the North East of Scotland. Aftershock is based on a Fordson Major, with a Ford Cargo 380cui engine, a 12 ml Bosch fuel pump, and a Holset turbocharger, together with a modified camshaft. Phillip is often to be found on the prizewinners podium at the Scottish events. He also travels to the English events on a regular basis, where he has collected a number of prizes over the years.

Muddy Keith Show

As you can see from this photo, even the worst of weather doesn't stop Phillip from putting on a show for the public, and doing his best to get the sledge to the end of the track. It looked more like ploughing than tractorpulling at the 2007 event at Keith shown above!


Better weather in this photo, but not Phillip in the driving seat this time. He gave Michael Ritchie a turn behind the wheel, and Michael got 2nd place in the 4.5 ton class at the 2006 New Deer pull.