Latest News: New Scottish Club STTPA are holding the first Grand Truck & Tractor Pull at Keith Country Show Park - 18th/19th June! Click this panel to visit their website.

Welcome to the Deskford Tractor Pullers Website.

The aim of this site is to keep people up to date with what the tractor pullers from the North East of Scotland are doing. Please feel free to browse the pages to see what the tractors look like, how they have been built, and what successes they have had. The link to You Tube on the left of the pages will let you see these and several other tractor pullers in action, which is probably the best way of understanding what the sport is all about. There will be more information added and more clips posted on You Tube as the 2011 season progresses, together with updates on how the tractors have been modified during the winter months.

Check out the New Scottish Truck and Tractor Pulling Association (STTPA) Website! (Click this paragraph)

Take a look at the slideshow below for a quick glance at some tractors.

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If you would like to print off a summary of the tractors, classes, owners and drivers please click here


NE Scotland Tractor Pulling Calendar for 2011



2 day event planned at Keith Show Park by the STTPA 18th & 19th June